I-GAP Grants


Innovation Gap Grants (I-GAP Grants) strive to enhance the commercial viability of MSU technologies by bridging the "Gap" between Laboratory inventions and the marketplace.  The grants are designed to increase the likelihood of transferring a MSU invention to business or industry by enhancing current identified innovations and, where possible, improving the scope and value of the University's intellectual property (e.g., claims in resulting patents).  Grants, based on one or more specific inventions that have been disclosed to the University (see Intellectual Property Disclosure Form) are available as provided below:

Small Technology Transfer Grants (up to $10,000): Small, short-term grants designed to help an innovation/technology over a last hurdle toward proof of concept and commercial viability 

Prototype Development Grants ($10,000-$30,000): In the case where the commercialization and marketing efforts for a technology would be expedited and enhanced greatly through the development of a prototype.  

Opportunity Grants ($3,500 Fixed): These "Invitation only" grants are available to faculty innovators to provide release time for preparation of grant proposal(s) likely to increase technology transfer success by securing external funding. Awards are limited to: 1 course per innovator (innovation) per year, and 1 award/department/semester. Department pre-approval is required.  

I-GAP proposals are directed toward increasing the technology transfer potential and commercial viability of an innovation/technology that has been disclosed to the Office of Technology Transfer.  


Proposals may be submitted to OTT by MSU inventors linked to active and relevant invention disclosures only. Responsibility for planning, management, execution, and accounting of the proposed project will be solely that of the applicant(s), and their department.   

Funds Available:
The total annual funding for I-GAP Grants are limited and fixed.  However, applications may be approved for funding in the following fiscal year.  

Instructions for Proposals:
Applicants are encouraged to contact the OTT prior to initiating the application process. Download and complete the appropriate form (Small Tech Transfer Grant or Prototype Development Grant) and submit to OTT.  Proposals will be accepted and reviewed monthly, throughout the fiscal year.  

Criteria and Funding:
Selection will be based on: 1) the relative needs and potential impact of the funding for the specific technology transfer opportunity; 2) the level of funding requested, relative to the resulting impact; 3) the potential to generate/leverage additional technology development funding from other sources; and 4) comparative merit of the application pool. Funding of proposals is at the sole discretion of the OTT.   

Submit proposals via email attachment to: wayne.swann@morgan.edu
Director of Technology Transfer - Office of Technology Transfer