Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Morning Session: Data Assimilation Systems
Chair: TBD

Răzvan Ştefănescu, Dusanka Zupansk
Accuracy improvement of hybrid 4DEnVar and MLEF methods

Zhijin Li
Some theoretical and practical Issues on multiscale data assimilation for high-resolution models

Sebastien Massart
Two flavours of hybrid background error covariances for ECMWF 4D Var analysis

Patrick Laloyaux, Jacky Goddard, Simon Lang, Massimo Bonavita
The ECMWF weak constraint 4D-Var formulation

Tim Payne
Rapid update cycling with delayed observations

Coffee Break

Andrew Lorenc, Mohamed Jardak
A comparison of hybrid variational data assimilation methods in the Met Office global NWP system

Ricardo Todling, S. Akella, A. El Akkraoui, J. Guo, L. L. Takacs
Preliminary experiments extending the assimilation window of the GMAO Hybrid 4DEnVar

Daryl Kleist, Ting Lei, Rahul Mahajan, Cathy Thomas, Deng-Shun Chen
Scale-dependent localization and weighting in the FV3-GFS Hybrid Data Assimilation Scheme

Catherine Thomas, Rahul Mahajan, Daryl Kleist, Jeffrey Whitaker, Russ Treadon
Adopting NCEP's Hybrid 4DEnVar data assimilation system to the FV3GFS

Marcin Chrust, Mats Hamrud, Olivier Marsden, Deborah Salmond, Stephen English
Towards operational implementation of the Object Oriented Prediction System at ECMWF


Afternoon Session: Data Assimilation Systems, continued

Yannick Trémolet
The Joint Effort for Data assimilation Integration (JEDI)

Daniel Holdaway
Progress towards hybrid 4DVar with the FV3 dynamical core

Timothy Smith, Patrick Heimbach
A dynamical reconstruction of AMOC Variability at the mouth of the South Atlantic

Nora Loose, Patrick Heimbach, Kerim H. Nisancioglu
Can existing ocean observing systems effectively constrain subsurface temperature near Greenland's outlet glaciers? - Insights from comprehensive uncertainty quantification in oceanographic inverse problems

Coffee Break

Javier García-Pintado, Pepijn Bakker, André Paul, Matthias Prange, Michael Schulz
Experiments for online estimation of model parameters for multidecadal climate reconstruction with the Community Earth System Model (CESM)

Ivo Pasmans, Alexander Kurapov
Ensemble-variational data assimilation in the coastal ocean circulation model off Oregon-Washington (at the US West Coast)

Takuya Kawabata, Genta Ueno
A storm-scale particle filter for investigating predictability of convection initiation and development

Poster Session

Will Crawford, Sergey Frolov, Neil Barton, Craig Bishop
Accounting for error in an ensemble of seasonal forecasts using a high resolution global coupled model

Victor Trappler, Elise Arnaud, Laurent Debreu, Arthur Vidard
Parameter control in presence of uncertainties: robust estimation of bottom friction

Zak Bell,Sarah L Dance, Joanne A Waller
Accounting for error due to unresolved scales in data assimilation

Yvonne Ruckstuhl, Tijana Janjic
Joint parameter and state estimation with ensemble Kalman filter based algorithms for convective scale applications

Jean-Philippe Argaud, Serge Gratton, Dimitri Mottet, Ehouarn Simon
Interaction between ensemble filter/smoother and model dynamics for stiff ODEs

Sujeong Lim, Hyo-Jong Song, Ji-Hyun Ha, In-Hyuk Kwon, Hyun-Jun Han
Sensitive experiments of the tropical cyclone bogus data assimilation depending on the background error covariance within the hybrid-4DEnVar system

Arthur Vidard
Assessment of approximate 4D-Var schemes for ocean reanalysis

Magda Sousa, Rui Ruela, Ines Alvarez , Maite deCastro, Moncho Gomez-Gesteir, João Dias
Analysis of global sea surface temperature changes under future scenarios

Carina Lopes, R. Mendes, I. Caçador, J.M. Dias
On the use of Landsat imagery for long-term coastal wetland monitoring

Alexander Kurapov, A. Moore, E. Myers, E. Bayler
Variational data assimilation in the US West Coast Ocean Forecast System (WCOFS)

Michael Goodliff, Anton Kliewer, Steven Fletcher, John Forsythe, Andrew Jones
Detection of lognormal signals in different atmospheric flows

Rui Silva and Irina Gorodetskaya
Regional climate model's cloud microphysics and spatial resolution role in precipitation simulation during an atmospheric river event inComposite observation impact on short-range tropical cyclone intensity forecasts in the Navy Global Environmental Model

Luca Cantarello, O. Bokhove, S. Tobias, G. Inverarity, S.Migliorini
Investigating satellite radiance data assimilation at different scales in an idealised convective modelling framework

Min-Jeong Kim and Dan Holdaway
Sensitivity of Different Types of Observations to NASA GEOS Hurricane Analyses and Forecast

Clayton Cantrall and Tomoko Matsuo
Inference of thermospheric temperature profiles from ultra-violet emission observations from the NASA Global Observations of Limb and Disk (GOLD) mission

Craig Bishop
Data assimilation strategies for state dependent observation error variances