Kofi Nyarko

Kofi Nyarko Dr. Nyarko is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Morgan State University (MSU). He also serves as Director of the Engineering Visualization Research Laboratory (EVRL). He has conducted research for MSU since 2005, consecutively under the titles of Research Engineer, Director, and finally Associate Professor. As a Research Engineer, Dr. Nyarko worked under the Chesapeake Information Based Aeronautics consortium (CIBAC) with engineers at NASA Langley on various projects involving aviation safety.  Under his direction, the Engineering Visualization Research Laboratory has acquired and conducted research funded from the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Army Research Laboratory, NASA and Department of Homeland Security along with other funding from Purdue University's Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments (VACCINE), a DHS Center of Excellence. After receiving his doctorate from Morgan State University, Dr. Nyarko worked as an independent Software Engineer with contracts involving computational engineering, scientific/engineering simulation & visualization, visual analytics, complex computer algorithm development, computer network theory, machine learning, mobile software development, and avionic system software development.  He also served as Adjunct Faculty for University of Baltimore's Department of Science, Information Arts and Technologies.