Joanne C. Murphy

Joanne C. Murphy

Joanne C. Murphy is Chief Strategy and Solutions Executive at AT&T.  She has over 20 years' experience developing innovative strategies and solutions for the Fortune 50 to identify opportunities and solve business problems using technology as a competitive strategic advantage to spearhead global corporate  growth.  She  has held positions in AT&T Labs Research and Development, Engineering, Sales and Marketing.

Ms. Murphy has expertise in translating business strategy into technology enablers, identifying business opportunities availed by technology, Mobility, Security, Public Speaking, Business Analysis, Strategy and Business Continuity.  She holds an Executive Masters in Technology Management co-sponsored from The Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst as well as CISSP, CCNA and an abundant number of Bellcore Certifications.

Ms. Murphy's current role as an AT&T Chief Architect, responsible for $150 Million revenue stream, has her cooperatively collaborate with Fortune 50 Senior level Executives, CxO's and Executive VP's, to translate and align corporate business strategic direction into technology enabled solutions, develop technology strategies and roadmaps and work as an extended member of both the executive and technology teams.

Ms. Murphy is the lead and charter member of two AT&T advisory councils; AT&T Outsourcing and Network Integration, and Mobility.  Each council was established solely to accelerate and increase their respective managed services and mobility multi-billion dollar revenue streams and provide additional value to AT&T's client base.  She leads council initiatives to analyze both internal and external factors across the managed services and mobility continuum to address solution, process, technology evolution, and competitive forces and provide recommendations to address and capitalize on the aforementioned.

Ms. Murphy develops strategy, strategy execution, sales team upskilling and leadership to enhance the relevance and value of AT&T.  Tasked to transform revenue base and sales team behaviors while increasing and expanding revenue streams.  She influences AT&T solution portfolio's through integration of disparate product portfolios citing technology evolution and adoption, global economics, client trends and uncertainties. Interwork with AT&T Research and Development, Product and Offer and Innovation Centers to provide best in class solutions.