External Research Advisory Panel (ERAP) Roles and Responsibilities

General Statement

The principal objective of the External Research & Advisory Panel (ERAP) is to advise Morgan State University (MSU) on how to achieve its vision as it relates towards being a premier, research, urban institution that conducts high quality, forward-looking, innovative research activities across its various schools and colleges. In addition, the ERAP is expected to offer advice on areas supportive and aligned to Morgan's research enterprise including technology transfer, and economic development activities. The External Research & Advisory Panel will meet twice a year, and provide a written summary report of its observations and recommendations to the MSU Vice-President of Research & Economic Development. The VP of Research & Economic Development will share this report with the Morgan State University President, President's Cabinet, and the Morgan State University Internal Research Advisory Council.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities

1. Assess Morgan's research activities based on:

a. Domain expertise and experience in specific research areas
b. Current research trends and prior work
c. Current funding levels and trends
d. Domestic and foreign technology advances
e. Balance of STEM & non-STEM research across the University

2. Assess Morgan's research administration by:

a. Evaluating the overall University Research Strategy led by the VP for Research & Economic Development
b. Evaluating the University environment for its support of faculty research
c. Evaluating the adequacy of metrics to assess reporting of sponsored programs
d. Sharing of best-practices for oversight of sponsored programs
e. Sharing of best practices for technology transfer
f. Sharing of best practices for the University as a catalyst for economic development

3. Benchmark Morgan's research capabilities:

a. Relative to alternative providers (e.g. other universities, National laboratories) and potential partners, based on quality, reputation and cost
b. Based on potential for technology transfer and potential work for industry (where appropriate)
c. Based on the adequacy of faculty to meet anticipated challenges
d. Based on the adequacy of technical facilities to meet anticipated challenges
e. Based on the University's reputation to attract both grants & contract and research faculty

4. Advocacy of Morgan's research enterprise by:

a. Identification of potential partners and resources for Morgan State University
b. Identifying opportunities for faculty and staff members to increase participation on external boards, and working groups to increase their exposure to the greater research community


Vision Statement[i]

Morgan State University is the premier public urban research university in Maryland, known for its excellence in teaching, intensive research, effective public service and community engagement. Morgan prepares diverse and competitive graduates for success in a global, interdependent society.

Mission Statement[ii]

Morgan State University serves the community, region, state, nation, and world as an intellectual and creative resource by supporting, empowering and preparing high-quality, diverse graduates to lead the world. The University offers innovative, inclusive, and distinctive educational experiences to a broad cross section of the population in a comprehensive range of disciplines at the baccalaureate, master's, doctoral, and professional degree levels. Through collaborative pursuits, scholarly research, creative endeavors, and dedicated public service, the University gives significant priority to addressing societal problems, particularly those prevalent in urban communities.

Core Values
The following institutional core values guide the promotion of student learning and success, faculty scholarship and research, and community engagement at Morgan:

Excellence. Excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative endeavors, student services, and in all aspects of the University's operations is continuously pursued at Morgan to ensure institutional effectiveness and efficiency.

Integrity. At Morgan, honest communications, ethical behavior, and accountability for words and deeds are expected from all members of the University community.

Respect. Each person at Morgan is to be treated with respect and dignity and is to be treated equitably in all situations.

Diversity. A broad diversity of people and ideas are welcomed and supported at Morgan as essential to quality education in a global interdependent society. Students will have reasonable and affordable access to a comprehensive range of high quality educational programs and services.

Innovation. Morgan encourages and supports its faculty, staff, and students in all forms of scholarship including the discovery and application of knowledge in teaching and learning and in developing innovative products and processes.

Leadership. Morgan seeks to provide rigorous academic curricula and challenging co-curricular opportunities to promote the development of leadership qualities in students and to facilitate leadership development among faculty, staff, and students.

[i] Growing the Future, Leading the World: The Strategic Plan for Morgan State University, 2011-2021
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