How to Apply


All applications must include the following materials:

  • Fill out and submit an Application Form
  • A personal essay
  • Academic transcript
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation

Application Form

All students applying for the MSU PEARL 2021 Summer Internship Program must fill out the Google Form found here. Applicants who do not complete the form will not be considered.

Personal Essay

Each applicant must submit a short personal essay (1500 word maximum) outlining past and present interests and academic and non-academic experiences. The essay should discuss special interests, academic and career plans, motives for applying for the MSU PEARL Summer Internship Program, and how this experience will further the applicant's educational and intellectual goals. Additionally, applicants are required to rank their preferred advisors (as indicated in the Application Form) based on personal preference and include a brief explanation of their rankings with respect to their future academic and professional goals.

Academic Transcript

Each applicant must submit an academic transcript as part of their application. The transcripts do not need to be official, but need to clearly indicate the student's name, college or university, coursework taken, and the grade received for each course.

Letters of Recommendation

Each applicant should request two (2) letters of recommendation to be submitted as part of their application. Letters should be sent directly from the letter writer to the contact information below. Letters of recommendation may be requested from faculty at the students' current or former college or university, previous internship or professional mentors, or a similar individual. To ensure excellent letters of recommendation, applicants are encouraged to send potential letter writers a one (1) page resume, a copy or draft of their personal essay, and a copy of their transcript. Additioanlly, it is highly encouraged that applicants requested letters of recommendation early and let their letter writers know the deadline for submission (March 1, 2021).

All application materials must be received by

11:59 pm (EST) on March 1, 2021.

The Application Form must be submitted via Google Forms.

All other application materials (Personal Essay, Academic Transcript, and Letters of Recommendation) must be sent to Dr. Amanda Knobloch via email (

For any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Amanda Knobloch (

*Please note: Due to the unprecedented circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot guarantee that the MSU PEARL 2021 Summer Internship will be an in-person internship. For some research projects, research may be conducted remotely while others require in-person support. Depending on the safety guidelines set by the CDC and Morgan State University, the MSU PEARL may transition the 2021 Summer Internship Program to a virtual internship experience.