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About the Summer Internship Program



This program is open to all undergraduate students (current and recently graduated). Applicants do not need to be a US citizen, but a social security number is required.


Stipend and Boarding

Each intern will receive $470 per week for a total of 10 weeks (US$4,700 total). Limited on-site housing is available for $75 per week. To discuss housing arrangements, please contact Dr. Amanda Knobloch ( for additional information.


Internship Advisor 

Accepted interns will be working under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The advisor will direct interns in their daily work and schedule and provide guidance throughout the project. To choose an advisor, please review the advisors listed below. Applicants are encouraged to contact one or more faculty from the PEARL prior to submitting anapplication to discuss their research interests to ensure compatibility.

Potential Faculty Advisors:

  • Dr. Scott Knoche - MSU PEARL Director, Senior Research Economist
    • Research Interests:
      • Non-market valuation
      • Human dimensions of fish and wildlife management
      • Stated preference survey methods
      • Survey development and methodology
      • Discrete choice analysis
    • Email:

  • Dr. Tom Ihde - Research Assistant Professor
    • Research Interests:
      • Fisheries eocsystem modeling
      • Chesapeake Bay population ecology and dynamics
      • Stakeholder outreach and fishery management decisions
      • Fisheries data analysis in limited data situations
    • Email:

  • Dr. Elka Porter* - Assistant Professor, University of Baltimore
    • Research Interests:
      • Sediment-water interactions (Benthic-pelagic coupling processes)
      • Mesocosm experimentation
    • Email:

*Dr. Elka Porter is a professor at the University of Baltimore but spends her summers at the MSU PEARL where she has built the Shear Turbulence Respuspension Mesocosm (STURM) facility. For more information about Dr. Porter, please see her University of Baltimore profile.

Internship Expectations

  • Hours
    • Interns are expected to work full-time (40 hours per week) with their advisor for 10 weeks during the summer months.
    • The MSU PEARL Summer Internship begins June 2 and ends August 11, 2021.
    • Adjustments to time commitments (working hours or start and end dates) must be discussed with the Internship Coordinator (Dr. Amanda Knobloch) and the faculty advisor(s).

  • Projects
    • Research projects will be designed under the guidance of a PEARL faculty advisor/researcher and will be completed by the end of the internship.
    • Results will be presented at the Annual Summer Internship Symposium on August 6, 2021.
    • A written report of research results will be submitted by the end of the internship period (August 11, 2021).

  • Orientation
    • An orientation and safety seminar will be given at the start of the internship.
    • The safety seminar is required before laboratory and field work can be done.
    • The orientation will provide important information pertaining to the summer internship program as well as provide an opportunity to meet other interns, faculty, and staff from the PEARL.

For more information or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Amanda Knobloch via email (