Travel Awards

The purpose of the travel awards is for faculty to attend conferences and workshops that will build their skills in student-centered pedagogies, focused on health-research-related STEM/social behavioral sciences areas of the undergraduate curriculum, or allow them to present data generated in the process of course development or course assessment/evaluation. The conference must serve either an instructional training purpose, or the faculty member must be presenting his/her own education research data (e.g., related to course assessment, new learning activities, or undergraduate student research training).

A limited number of awards will be made to allow faculty in health-research-related fields to present at or attend conferences in their discipline.


  • Submit a post-conference report that details how the conference has enhanced their ability to implement/improve student-centered learning in their classroom/lab/program, or disseminate your education research data to the larger Morgan State community.
  • Participate in ASCEND program assessment activities, as requested.
  • Become an active member of the Instructional Community of Practice, which was established in fall 2015 as a Blackboard community with regular in-person meetings on campus.


  • All full-time faculty, including adjuncts, are eligible to apply.
  • Funds for international travel requests generally are not available.


  • The maximum budget is $3,000 per trip. The amount requested should be commensurate with the time and location of the conference/workshop, and with the State of Maryland's budget regulations.


  • Proposals for travel funds will be evaluated for merit on a continuous basis, and funding will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis for each semester, until available funds are expended.
  • Applications for conference travel funds must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event because, if approved, we will need to prepare a travel authorization request and process it through university channels.


Contact with any questions.