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Campus Reopening & Readiness/Preparedness Committee

Dr. Ruth Aqwuana Health Center
Dr. Kevin Banks Student Affairs
Farzad Moazzami Provost Office
Chief Lance Hatcher Campus Police
Robert Riesner Physical Plant
Ronald Stevenson Business Auxiliary
Laura O’Donnell Fire, Life and Environmental Safety
Kate Weeks Student Disabilities
Dr. Edward Scott Athletics
Ernest Brevard EMASS
Nina Hopkins Counseling Center
Dr. Uttam Gaulee University Counsel, Faculty Member
Simone Lonas Student (Student Government Association)
Dr. Hongtaou Yu School of Computer Math and Natural Science
Alexander Freeman Student (Student Government Association)
Keisha Campbell Registrar
Gary Press Information Technology
Armada Grant Human Resources
Marvin Hicks Finance and Management
Dr. Willie May D-RED
Larry Jones Public Relations
Sherita Harrison Interim General Counsel
Marvin Perry Morgan Community Mile
Dr. Lisa Brown Biology
Dr. Angela Winstead Chemistry
Sandra Oakfor Residence Life