Board of Regents Policies & Procedures

Morgan State University is governed by the Board of Regents, a 15 member board, as established under Title 14 of the Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. The Governor of Maryland appoints Board members for six-year terms, except for the student regent who is appointed for a one-year term. The Board appoints the University President, who serves at the pleasure of the Board. The Board also sets admission standards, review and approves university policies, budgets, and establishes the regulatory framework within which the individual units operate. The governing documents of the Board include its Bylaws, and policies which are adopted by the Board and define the parameters for how the Board, in collaboration with President, governs the institution. The Bylaws establish the rules by which the Board organizes itself and conducts business. Board Policies and Procedures are broad statements that have been approved by the Board on particular issues that support the purpose, principles and philosophy of the  mission of the University.  

Please Note: University Policies are under review.  For more information, please contact

A-1 Academic Integrity

A-2 Advanced Placement

A-3 Advice of Counsel

A-4 Affiliated Foundations

A-6 AIDS Guidelines

A-7 APT Policy

A-8 Appeal of Classified Employee Personnel Actions

AFSCME Memorandum Understanding 

Animals on Campus Policy

B-1 Benefits to Contractual Employees

B-3 Board of Regents Protocol

C-1 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

Cash Management Policy

C-2 Catalogue

C-3 Class Attendance Policy

C-4 Classified Employee Manual

C-5 Personnel Procedures for Classified employees

C-6 Appeal Rejection Classified Employee

C-7 Consultancy Outside Policy and Procedures

C-8 Collective Bargaining Definitions

C-9 Policy on Copyrights

C-10 Course Load Limits  

Conflict of Interest (approved 5/2/17)

Conversion Policy - Contractual Exempt Staff Positions to Regular Positions

Conversion Policy - Contractual Faculty Positions to Regular Faculty Positions

Conversion Policy - Contractual Non-Exempt Staff Positions to Regular Positions

D-3 Department Chair Appointment

D-4 Disciplinary Suspension

D-5 Disclosure of Students Records

D-6 Doctor of Education Degree Policies and Procedures

D-7 Drug Abuse Policy

D-8 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

E-2 Educational Leave Policy

Export Control Policy

Extension of Time Policy

F-1 Procedure for the Use of Physical Facilities

Facilites Renewal Policy

Faculty Appointment Contract 3 year

Faculty Appointment Contract Probationary 1 year

Faculty Evaluation Uniform University-Wide Procedures

Faculty Grievance Procedure

Faculty Leave Accounting

Full-Time Students Policy

Grading Policy regarding Grades of I

Grading Policy U Grade

Graduate School Tuition

Graduation/Diploma Policy

Grievances Administrative Personnel

Honorary Degree

Honors Program (Policy) - REPEALED
Honors Program (policy) - REPEAL

Human Subjects Protection

Individual Requests for Information

Institutional Student Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students

Intellectual Property Policy

Involuntary Demotion of a Classified Employee, Appeal Procedure

Involuntary Demotion Classified Employee

Leave Policy

Lillie Carroll Jackson Museum Advisory Committee

Misconduct in Academic Research Policy

Naming Buildings Facilities Grounds


Nondiscrimination Policy 

Online and Hybrid Courses

Outstanding Faculty Awards

Payment of Tuition & Fees

P-4- Procurement Policies Procedures

Policy on Acquisition Disposition Encumbrance and leasing of Real Property

Policy on Patents

Professional Administrative Manual

Policy Prohibiting Employment

Professional Commitment of Faculty


Reduced Faculty Teaching Load Procedure for Reporting

Regents Scholarship Program

Rejection Classified Employee Probation

Rejection of a Classified Employee during Probation that result from Promotion

Removal of a Non-probationary Classified Employee

Residency Policy

Retirement Incentive Program


S-1 Sabbatical Leave

S-5 Satisfactory Progress Scale for Students

Sexual Harassment and Prohibited Conduct Policy

S-6 Smoking Policy

S-7 Code of Student Conduct

S-8 Student Government Association Constitution

Student Housing Residency Requirement for Freshman & Sophomores

Student Social Media Privacy Policy

S-11 Supplemental 401a Matching Plan and Trust 

S-12 Supplemental 403b Plan

Study Tours

Teaching outside home institution

Telework Policy

Temporary Assignments & Acting/Interim Appointments


Termination of a Faculty Member for Cause


Transcript Fees

Transfer Students

Tuition Waiver

Tuition Deferment Plan (policy) - REPEALED
Tuition Deferment Plan (policy) -

University Council Const. and Bylaws 

Web Accessibility Policy