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The Corporate Purchase Card program is mandated by the State of Maryland and was established in 1997 and implemented by Morgan State University in 1998. The program has grown exponentially since its inception, with our procurement needs ever-changing. However, we must adhere to all of the Policies and Procedures set forth by the state.

Download the CPC Policy & Procedure Manual as well as the MSU P-Card User guide. Both items should be used for reference regularly.

State of Maryland Corporate Purchasing Card Policy and Procedures

MSU P-Card User Guide

For your convenience, we have condensed the account code list that should be used when reconciling your transactions. There are only 221 viable codes that can be used for reconciliation by cardholders. These account codes start within the range of "03" - "15". Any code outside of that range is considered a Revenue Code and not permissible. If you are selecting your code from within the system, instead of referencing the provided list, be mindful not to utilize codes that do not start with a "0" or a "1".

Banner Expenditure Codes

The State of Maryland has specific merchant categories blocked from purchases. If a transaction is being declined that does not exceed your current single purchase or monthly limit, contact the bank to find out the cause of the decline. If stated that it's because of the Merchant Category Code (MCC), reference the list at the link below. The MSU Purchase Card Office cannot override any Block set by the State of Maryland.

Merchant Category Codes (MCC)

Can't remember Everything from Training? Need to know who to contact? No problem! Download the quick reference guide for a few quick tips.

Quick Reference Brochure