Morgan Cares More Information & Schedule

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Workshop Overview:

The Morgan Cares More Customer Service Class is a one session, two hour interactive workshop REQUIRED annually for all MSU Faculty, Staff and Administrators. The purpose of this workshop is to serve (1) First, as a refresher on core customer service principals; (2) and Secondly, to enhance, improve, and further the understanding of Customer Service as it pertains to Higher Education. 

There are two ways to enroll for our Morgan Cares More Workshop

1) Enroll in one of our regularly scheduled classes.

2) Department Heads/Supervisors can schedule a customized workshop for your area (Check with your office supervisors)

  • We can come to your location/office and conduct a workshop during one of the following:

a) Faculty Meetings

b) Department Gatherings

c) Office Retreats

d) Administrative Assistant Retreats

  • Call our office 443.884.4770 or email us to arrange a special workshop for your dvision/department/office