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Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies

Middle East & North Africa Initiative

map of middle east and north africa

The MENA Initiative at Morgan State University is a fully interdisciplinary program in Middle East and North Africa studies. Consistent with the MSU strategic plan, the goal of this program is to contribute to the efforts to enhance the process of internationalizing the curriculum and to provide opportunities for the underrepresented population it serves, equipping them with the tools, language and culture that will enable them to work effectively in a global environment. Morgan State University will be the only HBCU in Maryland to host and offer such a program.

Participants in the program will include members from different departments across college and schools and support units at MSU: Architecture and Urban Planning, English and Language Arts, Global Journalism and Communication studies, The Digital Media Center, Distance/E-Learning, History and Geography, World Languages and International Studies, History, English and Language Arts, Political Science, Economics, Information Systems, Physics, the Writing Center, and Morgan's James E. Lewis Gallery.

The MENA Initiative will lead to a vibrant and coherent study of Middle East and North Africa studies at Morgan State University. The short term goals for this program are to establish lecture series, workshops and courses related to Middle East and North Africa studies. The midterm goal is to build and boost enrollments in Arabic language to the point of being able to offer it on the intermediate level and beyond, and add Hebrew. The long term goal will be the creation of a major in Middle East and North Africa studies. 

For More Information Contact:

Dr. M'bare N'gom

Dr. Mohammad Gharipour

Dr. Harold Morales