Community College Leadership Doctoral Program


The Community College Leadership Doctoral Program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles and professorial positions within the community college setting. The intense program of study leading to a Doctor of Education Degree focuses on training professionals for the unique situations encountered by senior administrators and faculty in community colleges. A major emphasis of the program is research relevant to the issues and concerns of community colleges.

The Community College Leadership Doctoral Program (CCLDP) seeks to provide competencies (skills, abilities, and knowledge) recognized as essential for future community college leaders and professors. Guided by the strategic mission and vision of Morgan State University, its department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy, the CCLDP offers a cohort model of skill development and learning.

Also, the program . . .

  • Places emphases on increasing diversity for the American Community Colleges by our commitment to strengthening the roles and voices of minorities and women-serving the underserved,
  • Advances and supports practices to enhance the intellectual, cultural, ethical, and social potential of students and faculty,
  • Collaborates with community colleges and community college organizations to form partnerships and initiatives,
  • Expands leadership responsiveness and development by exposing students and faculty to the challenges of cohort learning,
  • Develops globally-aware community college leaders who can appropriately respond, understand, and contribute to the rapidly changing world of community colleges and,
  • Focuses on courses that are delivered face-to-face, on-site, and hybrid.
  • Introduces a fully online three-year, 21 course program in Community College Leadership, August, 2010.

The Community College Leadership Doctoral Program Online (CCLDPOnline) offers the convenience of online learning and is governed by the same academic standards as on-site courses:

  • The ability to complete your degree without having to leave home or work.
  • Access to course work 24/7 via the Blackboard platform.
  • Ability to submit assignments day or night, weekends or weekdays.
  • Complete assignments according to Modular assignments over a five-week, 35 day course structure, three or four courses a semester.
  • Access to professors through ADOBE connect and office hours.