Increase student access to participation in high-impact practices

The first of our strategic objectives is to increase access to participation in high impact practices.  The specific objectives are to:

  1. Conduct an inventory of High Impact Practices (HIPs) on campus.  The Office of Assessment in Academic Affairs has information of high impact practices for some programs but will complete a comprehensive inventory of HIPs from all colleges and schools within the University by February 2016. 

  2. Analyze HIPs Inventory and course evaluation data, establish baseline data, and identify opportunities for professional development. While there are faculty members who include HIP in their courses, many are untrained in the many nuances or in the ways in which there is support for ensuring effectiveness.  Thus, we will distribute and host workshops to discuss and implement Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) Rubrics, which were launched in 2007. 

  3. One of the prime recommendations for each of the teams was to disaggregate the data.  This level of disaggregation allows institutions to determine the level of inequity in their policies and procedures.  Thus within the first year, we will examine courses completion and retention for 1st-time 1st-year students by PELL status, age, intended discipline, generational-status.  Additional quantitative variables to examine are employment status, commuter/residential, chronic illness/disability, international status (ESL), and military status.

Once the inventory is completed, the team will use an online database system to store and manage the data of the project.