The Goals of the Morgan C.O.R.E. Initiative

The Goals of the Morgan C.O.R.E. Initiative

The Morgan C.O.R.E. leaders will implement 4 goals:


Goal 1: Enhance Student Success to create educational environment that enhances student success on liberal education outcomes by hiring and retaining well qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty and staff, offering challenging, internationally relevant academic curricula, and welcoming and supporting a diverse and inclusive campus community.


Goal 2: Establish a culture of Inquiry, evidence, and accountability that will examine and implement liberal education processes (inputs, process, and outputs); and document progress and achievements. The inquiry process is an integral component of the Morgan C.O.R.E.. The Morgan C.O.R.E. Leaders will encourage the inquiry process and use quantitative and qualitative data to guide reflections and to inform student, course and program improvement and adjustment decisions.


Goal 3: Grow Resources and Professional Development that will expand its human capital as well as its financial resources by investing in the professional development of faculty, staff, and students, seeking greater financial support to develop and sustain a world-class liberal education program.  


Goal 4: Engage and Integrate the University Community with that of the greater local and regional Community in dialog about the quality of liberal education outcomes that are essential for all students; and on how liberal education can be used to improve and support community initiatives.

Goals of the Morgan C.O.R.E. initiative