The Competency and Distribution Areas

The Competency and Distribution Areas

The areas of competency of the Morgan C.O.R.E. is based on the recommendations and reports from Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC), business community, and the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). In addition, the areas of competency support the analysis of accreditation requirements of the disciplines at Morgan (e.g., education, engineering, business, nursing, etc.). The five C.O.R.E. competencies are: 


  • Written and oral communication: Competency in written and oral communication includes the ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written language, the ability to use a variety of modern information resources and supporting technologies, the ability to differentiate content from style of presentation, and the ability to suit content and style to the purpose of communication.

  • Scientific and quantitative reasoning: Competency in scientific and quantitative reasoning includes the ability to locate, identify, collect, organize, analyze and interpret data, and the ability to use mathematics and the scientific method of inquiry to make decisions, where appropriate.

  • Critical analysis and reasoning: Competency in critical analysis and reasoning includes the ability to arrive at reasoned and supportable conclusions using sound research techniques, including inference, analysis and interpretation.

  • Technological competency: Tec.hnological competency includes the ability to use computer technology and appropriate software applications to produce documentation, quantitative data presentations and functional graphical presentations appropriate to various academic and professional settings.

  • Information literacy: Information literacy includes the ability to identify, locate and effectively use information from various print and electronic sources.

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