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Office of Student Success & Retention


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"Starfish offers student success solutions and related services to harness the power of the campus community to engage, motivate, and graduate more students-securing valuable tuition revenue through greater student persistence."

Thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Morgan State University has purchased the Starfish Early Alert and Connect systems to help us systematically track and monitor student progress.  And, the University has committed to sustain this initiative for years to come.  The Starfish Enterprise Success Platform is meant to help our university "scale its student support initiatives in a way that enables students to engage more effectively with the campus community and, ultimately, achieve their academic goals." The Starfish philosophy is based on four principles: (1) success is a moving target, (2) success entails academic achievement, (3) success requires engagement, and (4) success must be measured. With the help of this new software, Morgan State is making a greater effort to cultivate student success.  

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Contact Information for Questions:
System Administrator: Dr. Tiffany Mfume
Phone: 443-885-3651
Office: Morgan State University, Tyler Hall, Suite 116