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National Transportation Center

Personnel, Staff, and Advisory Board

Researchers for Collaboration at Our Partner Universities

Contact information for staff is available in our Directory of Key Personnel.


Mansoureh Jeihani
Phone: 443-885-1873 
Associate Director
Cinzia Cirillo
Phone: 301-405-6864
Associate Director
Hesham Rakha
Phone: 540-231-1505

Collaborative Researchers


University of Maryland

Cinzia Cirillo
Phone: 301-405-6864
Ali Haghani
Phone: 301-405-1963
Paul Schonfeld
Phone: 301-405-1954
Gang-Len Chang
Phone: 301-405-1953
Lei Zhang

Virginia Tech

Hesham Rakha
Phone: 540-231-1505
Hao Chen
Phone: 540-231-3629
Ihab El-Shawarby
Phone: 540-231-1577
Jianhe Du
Phone: 540-231-2673, 540-231-2673
Karim Fadhloun
Kyoungho Ahn
Phone: 703-538-8447
Mohammed Elhenawy
Phone: 540-231-2974
Youssef Bichiou
Phone: 540-231-1500

Morgan State University

Mansoureh Jeihani
Phone: 443-885-1873 
Dr. Anam Ardeshiri
Dr. Sanjay Bapna 
Phone: 443-885-3941
Dr. Celeste Chavis
Phone: 443-885-5061
Dr. Chunlei Fan
Phone: 443-885-4083,
Dr. Cynthia Glass
Dr. James Hunter
Phone: 443-885-4733
Dr. Dong Hee Kang
Phone: 443-885-4728
Dr. Young-Jae Lee
Phone: 443-885-1872
Dr. Kofi Nyarko
Phone: 443-885-3476
Dr. Oludare Owolabi
Phone: 443-885-5445
Dr. Eazaz Sadeghvaziri
Dr. Anthony Saka
Phone: 443-885-1871
Dr. Hyeon-Shic Shin
Phone: 443-885-3228
Alirezza Ansariyar
Bhuyan Istiak
Muhib Kabir
Amirezza Nickkar
Nashid Khadem
*Any tenure track professor at Morgan is eligible to partner in UMEC research.


Project Planner
Anita Jones
Phone: 443-885-4813 
Office Clerk II
Sonia McDonald
Phone: 443-885-3666
Editor and Communications Manager
Joseph Niehaus
Phone: 443-885-1039
Research and Outreach Coordinator
Connie Tang
Phone: 301-405-9803

Advisory Board

Moges Ayele, D.P.A.
Senior Liaison for Higher Education (ret), Federal Highway Administration
Phone: 240-565-5187
Oscar Barton Jr., Ph.D., P.E. Dean
Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. School of Engineering, Morgan State University
Phone: 443 885-3231
Christopher Costello
Public Sector Consulting Group
Phone: 410-947-4726
Nimish Desai, PE
Department Manager – Water Resources
Phone: 410-645-1405
Charles Glass, Ph.D.
Deputy Secretary, Department of Natural Resources
Tranell N. Griffin
Senior Performance Analyst, Office of Transit Performance Management (PERF)
Phone: 202.893-2354
Don Halligan
Senior Transportation Planner, Baltimore Metropolitan Council
Phone: 410-732-0500, ext. 1002
Dana Knight
KCI Technologies
Phone: 410-316-7937
Gregory Murrill
Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration
Phone: 410-962-4440
Amy A. O’Leary, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Virginia Transportation Research Council
Phone: 434 -293-1995
Aly Tawfik, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering
Phone: 559-278-8791
Philip Thomas
Division Administrator, USDOT/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Phone: 443-703-2365
Richard Woo, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Policy and Research, State Highway Administration
Phone: 410-545-0340
Dr. Johanna Zmud
Senior Research Scientist, Head, Multimodal Planning Division
Phone: 202-679-3195