Request to Invite An Exchange Visitor

This information is intended for sponsoring academic departments at Morgan State University (MSU) who are interested in inviting or currently working with J-1 exchange visitors.


1. Please start by informing Mr. Johnson Niba, Director for Study Abroad and Scholar Exchange in the Center for Global Studies & International Education (the Center) that you are contemplating extending an invitation to an Exchange Visitor. At that time, we can be sure that the J-1 visa is feasible for your prospective visitor or discuss other options. The Center will determine which category of the J-1 Visa is suitable for your prospective visitor.

2. The MSU faculty member who will be responsible for coordinating the exchange activity, also known as the sponsor, should complete the Request to Invite an Exchange Visitor form (in its entirety); obtain all the necessary signatures of approval; attach all supporting documentation and then submit the packet to the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost to obtain final approval and his/ her signature.

3. Upon receipt of the packet at the Center, the Vice President for International Affairs will issue a letter of invitation to the prospective visitor. The staff will create a record (on behalf of the prospective visitor) in the Department of Homeland Security's Information System, download and print a J-1 visa application certificate (Form DS-2019) and prepare the visa/invitation packet and mail it to the overseas party, which they will take with them to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate for an interview to obtain a visa. The turn-around time to create a record is 3 - 10 days, depending on the time of year.

4. Upon arrival at Morgan, the Visiting Scholar must check-in with staff at the Center for Global Studies & International Education to have their papers processed prior to starting their assigned duties.


 J-1 visa status is limited to those who hold University temporary, "visiting" academic positions. The J-1 program at Morgan State University may not be used for clinical appointments, for tenure-track faculty positions, regular faculty or support positions, and administrative positions, or staff positions.

Be sure to check your own school's internal policy regarding appointments, positions, lengths, and restrictions. If unsure, please check with the Dean's Office of your respective school/department.

During the duration of their stay in the United States, the Exchange Visitor will be the responsibility of the Sponsor and his/her School will assume responsibility for the welfare and well being of the Exchange Visitor to include assistance with housing arrangements, Bear Cards and E-mail account acquisitions.