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Office of Strategic Partnerships and Recruitment

Office of Strategic Partnerships & Recruitment (Africa)

Africa Initiative
The basis upon which the Office of Strategic Partners and Recruitment (Africa) was created dates back to November 28th, 2017 when Morgan hosted twelve Vice Chancellors from Nigerian Universities that concluded in formalizing relationships through MOU signing with four.  Subsequently, President Wilson visited Nigeria twice as a keynote Speaker that highlighted the Morgan vision for a globalized education.

Other initiatives by the President in Ghana with the aim of sustaining postgraduate programs and assisting in the increase of critical doctoral degree needs through universities in Africa generally remained a significant purpose in the emergence of an this Office.  The creation and approval of the Office of Strategic Partnerships and Recruitment (Africa) is primarily aimed at developing human capacity through sustainable partnerships with universities in Africa by furthering increased graduate admissions into the various disciplines that address targeted needs of the continent.

Foci and Operations:

  • Directs all strategic partnerships with institutions of higher education; private and public, in Africa
  • Develop a strategic plan that implements existing memoranda and fosters new partnerships in Africa
  • Assist the university’s 10 schools with the creation of short-term courses that satisfies the needs of public and private African institutions
  • Manage, analyze, and track overall successes of partnerships and recruitment in Africa
  • Management of Administrative/Operations Office in West Africa with a long term goal of establishing a Morgan campus in Africa
  • Experience teaching, conducting research and living in both the United States and in West Africa
  • Analyze and interpret both US federal laws and Cross Border Education policies in African countries
  • Develop and sustain a recruitment plan for Africa focusing on undergraduate, graduate and professional students
  • Serve as host/facilitator to/for Morgan Faculty and Study Abroad/Away Students in Africa
  • Seek grants for Africa-focused-internationalization of Morgan programs
  • Organize Africa-focused international conferences in collaboration with Morgan Departments, Schools/College
  • Assist interested international students from Africa with the application process
  • Organize and manage the welfare and social activities of recruited African students at Morgan