Security Awareness Training

Frequently Asked Questions (Coming Soon!)

Beginning Monday, November 21, 2016, please be advised that Morgan State University will launch a self-paced online Security Awareness Training program. The program which will be managed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT), is mandatory for all faculty, staff, contractors, volunteers, and student workers. The training consists of interactive activities and a short assessment of knowledge gained. A user must complete the training within thirty (30) days of enrollment and score eighty (80) percent on the assessment in order to be considered as having met this obligation.

The training will take approximately thirty-five (35) minutes to complete and a certificate of successful completion can be printed at the end of the training. If a user does not successfully complete the training within the allowed 30-day period, his/her network account will be disabled until that is the case. A user's account being disabled means that his/her access to all Morgan State University's computer resources, including email and Blackboard, will be lost. Such access will only be restored after contacting the Service Desk for a temporary access to complete the training and pass the assessment. Once a user is enrolled for the training, an email will be sent automatically to the user to commence the training. An example of this email message is shown below:

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