Collaborate Best Practices

Best Practices for Bb Collaborate Ultra

See the Collaborate Ultra Support page for additional best practices

  1. Always use the Google Chrome Browser
  2. Rely on a wired connection, rather than Wi-Fi.
  3. Setup your meeting early to make the most of your live session time. Also, allow students access 10 minutes before the online class session that they can setup their audio and video too.
  4. 'Share an Application" when the display demands, otherwise 'Share Files' for PowerPoint and multi-page presentations (PDF).
  5. Record Sessions as student review/study resources

Best Practices for Webcam Video

  1. Avoid back lighting, place a light behind your camera.
  2. Choose a quiet location.
  3. Position webcam level with your hairline, not pointing up at you. This makes a better visual connection with students.
  4. Keep eye contact with the camera lens, and not with your image on the screen. The point of video in your session is to make a connection with students, looking at them works to accomplish this.
  5. Practice. Practice. Practice.