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For SEUS Teacher Candidates & Faculty!

NBC Learn K-12 is a rich, dynamic, and innovative resource that provides thousands of historic news reports, current events stories, original stories, primary source documents, and other digital media specifically designed to help teach and engage students of all levels and abilities.

To access NBC Learn K12 navigate to archives.nbclearn.com from on campus. You should see   "Welcome, Morgan State University K12" in the upper right-hand corner.  You can play all videos in full from this site.

To access the resource from off-campus you will need to register for a personal account by clicking the "register now" button in the upper right-hand corner.

10 Features for Teachers!

NBC Learn K12 Instructions

Download an NBC Video to Play in Class:

You can download NBC Learn videos and save them on your computer/laptop. Bring your laptop to class to play them without an internet connection.
1. Search for the NBC Learn videos you need
2. From with the Cue Card (the player), select Download cue card download

3. Install the Cue Card Player software to your computer. You must install this or you will not be able to play the videos you download.  

4. To play the video -- start the Cue Card Player

Features of NBC Learn K12

  • Over 16,000 resources - short 2 to 5 minute videos are engaging, relevant and inspiring, and help students develop critical thinking skills.
  • Current events - updated daily Monday-Friday, use these resources to help connect the real world to the classroom.
  • Aligned to state standards and the Common Core - search titles by state, subject, and grade level.
  • Mapped to curriculum - resources aligned to 28 K-12 subject areas including Social Studies, Science, Business and Personal Finance, Language Arts, and Health & Wellness.
  • Personal playlists - keep resources organized in the "My Playlists".
  • Safe and trustworthy - each resource is selected to be K-12 appropriate, and held to the highest NBC News Standards and Practices.
  • Interactive CueCard - patent pending media player makes downloading, annotating, citing and embedding resources fun and easy.
  • Emmy award-winning original video - NBC Learn series include such celebrated collections as "Science of Golf," "Science of NFL Football," "Science and Engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games," "Chemistry NOW!" "Sustainability : Water," "Science of Innovation," "Finishing the Dream: Learning from the Civil Rights Era," and much more.
  • 508 Accessible ‒ NBC Learn is certified as 508 accessible to allow users with motor, vision, or hearing disabilities to have full access to the resource.