Multimedia: NBC Learn Higher Ed

NBC-Learn Video

Multimedia Tools: NBC Learn Higher Ed

  • Faculty, include specific videos or categories of video in Bb courses for students to use in Discussion threads, Assignments, Assessments, and across the course Content areas.
  • Faculty, Students, and Staff, browse and search NBC Learn videos while on campus without sign-in.
  • Every MSU community member with a valid email address can Register on the NBC Learn site for an account that allows saving and organizing playlists. Easily share and modify playlists with peers who also have access to NBC Learn.

Other Great Features

NBC Learn is 508 Accessible - Users with disabilities (motor, vision, or hearing) have the same experience on NBC Learn as every other user.

NBC Learn & Blackboard

You have direct access to NBC Learn videos right in Blackboard, simply go to any content area within your course: click Build Content > MashUps > select NBC Learn Content. You can search video collections and embed NBC Learn Cue Cards directly into your course.

Note: You can also access the video content and your playlist via the Tools area of your course. However, you will still need to embed the videos you want students to view.

Playlists on NBC Learn vs.  Blackboard Learn:

Creating playlists on NBC Learn HigherEd allows for more versatility with categorizing and adding videos. Adding NBC Content through the Blackboard can be done two ways. Either method adds the video(s) to the Blackboard play list but this playlist cannot be edited or shared and is separate from the playlist you create with your NBC Learn account while on the NBC Learn website.

  • Build Content > Mash-up adds the video to a playlist within Blackboard
  • Users (all users, including students) are also able to add NBC Content in any text editor window using the Mash-up button. This allows students to include videos in their discussion posts or assignments - anywhere they have access to a text editor menu.

NBC Learn K12?

NBC Learn is a collection of over 18,000 standards-aligned resources designed for use in the K-12 classroom.

Consider registering with NBC Learn Higher Ed to get full functionality from the playlist options and to make it easier to organize and categorize the videos you might want students to view for different classes or different topics within a class.