Bb Tests and Surveys

You can use quizzes, tests, and surveys to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students.   This page is divided into the following topic areas: 

  • Create your Test/Survey --Survey creation follows the same steps as for tests -- just select the Survey option when creating
  • Secure your Test with Respondus Lockdown Browser or Monitor (OPTIONAL)
  • Post Test/Survey Management 
  • Copy or Move Tests/Surveys

Remind your students that they need to use a wired connection when they take tests. Wireless connections are more prone to network issues. The stability of the signal depends on how long and how much bandwidth students draw, similar to 4G phone data connections.

Test Creation Tutorial:  Overview of the Entire Process

This video is an overview of how to create a test, add questions, and make the test available to students.  Please scroll down for more detailed instructions.  Written instructions for the full test creation process (image below from

Bb Test creation process - create and then deploy the test

Create your Test: Basics

Create a Test || Video - How to create a Test
Question Settings
Test Question Types & Add Questions to your Test (over a dozen options)
Reuse Questions & Tests
Test Options - Make your test available to students, set timer, date limits and feedback options.
Test Exceptions - used to allow individual students more time or additional attempts

OPTIONAL: Use Respondus Test Creation software to import a test from Word (or to print an existing Bb test).

OPTIONAL: Secure your Test with Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor:

Post-Test Management

Copy or Move Tests