Bb Content Management

This page provides instructions for modifying your course menu, adding and organizing course material, adding multi-media and working with publisher's material.

Basic Navigation:

Add Content to your Course

Edit Mode!  Turn it ON -- Edit Mode MUST be on to modify your course!  

Modify the Course Menu

Adding Basic Content

Organize your Course Material

Folders:  Folders keep content organized, compartmentalized, and easy to find. Folders are containers that store a collection of content materials (items, websites, assignments, assessments, activities).  

Learning Modules: Similar to folders, Learning Modules allow students to navigate sequentially through items, websites, assessments, activities etc.  Learning Modules feature an interactive "Table of Contents."

Add Videos and Multimedia

In Bb, you have the ability to add video and multimedia resources to your courses; as introductions, examples, supplementary material, and even as graded assessments. Explore your options:

Checking your Course from the Students' POV

Copy or Move Course Material

Bb Content Editors

Add Announcements

Add an Announcement: announcements alert students to events, due dates, and information.
Add an Announcement - Video

Course Availability

Advanced Content Management

Publisher’s Material 

Textbook publishers provide excellent content you can use to enhance your courses; from lecture presentations, to assignments, and assessments. It can all integrate seamlessly with your Bb course:


McGraw Hill (Connect)

Pearson: The Building Block


Wiley PLUS