ERP Governance

In the fall of 2016, an IT governing body called the Enterprise Resource Planning Governance Committee (or ERP Governance Committee) was formed. Morgan State University's ERP system is Banner. The purpose of this committee (as with any other IT governance committee) is to ensure the university's IT infrastructure supports and enables the achievement of our institutional goals, strategies, and objectives. Specifically, the committee's focus is on ERP-related matters. In the spirit of true governance and transparency, the committee is not chaired by members of the OIT staff.  Instead, Dr. Don-Terry Veal (Chief of Staff), Ms. Keisha Campbell (University Registrar), and Ms. Aisha Odero (Technical Analyst for Enrollment Management & Student Success) co-chair the committee.  The committee members represent areas such as:  Admissions, Bursar's Office, Comptroller's Office, Finance & Management, Financial Aid, Graduate School, Human Resources, Institutional Research, Internal Audit, OIT, Procurement, Records & Registration, and Restricted Funds Accounting.  The committee meets monthly (or as needed) to discuss a variety of topics including, but not limited to ERP project prioritization, change management, policy review, etc.


The ERP Governance Committee's first order of business was to design a process that streamlines and documents all ERP project proposals.  As a result of the committee's efforts, the ERP Project Proposal Process was created, vetted, and is now ready to be put in place.  Beginning Monday, June 19, 2017, all projects requiring Banner integration must be submitted via to the ERP Governance Committee for review (  Any ERP project proposals (verbal or written) submitted outside of this online process, will not be considered. 

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