Panopto - Video Capture

Panopto is a video content management system for uploading, managing and sharing videos and audio files. It's a centralized, secure place for recorded lectures, training videos and student assignments.   Watch an Introduction Video.  Detailed instructions are found on the menu (left side) or at the bottom of this page.

Panopto is fully integrated into Canvas, or may be accessed via the URL: | Login using "Canvas" Login.

What can I do with Panopto?  

panopto screen

Lecture Capture: 

Capture your lectures or presentations that feature PowerPoint or screen capture.  Panopto grabs an (optional) video of you speaking and synchronizes that with your PowerPoint or screen capture.  You can even add quizzes right into your Panopto video captures!  Students can bookmark and take notes right in their video player.

Lecture Capture in New Jenkins - BSSC:
Push the Record button, and capture your class session. ATS will transfer your video to your Canvas course. One button -- it's that easy!

Caption your Videos: Panopto videos are easily captioned so they will be accessible to all.

Media Storage:  Store your media files on Panopto, and then stream them into your Canvas course.

Student Presentations:
Students can use Panopto to record or store videos that have created.  You can create a video "assignment" folder in your Canvas course for students to submit their video productions.

Start your Vlog or Podcast:
Use Panopto's channel feature to start your podcast or vlog!  Promote your department's achievements, or communicate with your students. Panopto offers creative ways to stay in touch!

Record & Go Studio:
Record and Go Studio logoUse ATS's Record & Go Studio to capture your presentation. We have profession level video capture equipment, along with a digital whiteboard -- all in a quiet, comfortable setting.  The studio is open to faculty, staff, and students (please arrange for training in advance before using our studio).

Let's Get Started!

Panopto Setup

Guides & Tutorials

Panopto for Students

Record & Go Studio

Webcam Setup: Tips for camera angles, lighting, and sound

Request Forms:

DVD Request: Request at DVD upload to Panopto.
Record & Go Studio Request: Students use this form to request the use of the Record & Go studio.  Also, read the Studio Procedure Guidelines
Student Organization Request form: Studio use is subject to approval from your faculty/staff advisor. ATS will notify when approval from the adviser has been received.