What is Banner?
Banner is a web-based, administrative software application managed by Ellucian specifically for higher education institutions. It is the main database for student, employee, and financial records. There is only one Banner database but two distinct ways to view the data: Self-Service Banner (WebSIS) and Internet Native Banner (INB). Scroll down for Banner 9 Training Resources.

What is Self-Service Banner (WebSIS)?

Self-Service Banner, known as WebSIS, is a user-friendly online tool that allows for management of personal and academic information through the use of hyperlinks, eliminating the need to stand in line or fill out paper forms. Faculty, staff, and students use WebSIS for the following purposes:

• Enter grades
• Access class lists on-line
• Check my schedule on-line
• Perform degree audits
• Access and update personal information

• Complete and submit time sheets
• View leave balances
• Verify benefit and pay information
• Access and update personal information
• Process budget requisitions

• Register for classes
• Make payments and view account information
• View and update financial aid information
• View grades and academic transcript
• Access and update personal information

How do I access Self-Service Banner (WebSIS)?

Log into Self-Service Banner (WebSIS).   

What is Internet Native Banner (INB)?
Internet Native Banner is a more robust online tool, typically restricted to department heads (e.g., Vice Presidents, Deans, Chairpersons, and Directors) who require a good deal of detailed information. The level of access to Internet Native Banner is determined by the Banner Data Custodians.  

Who are the Banner Data Custodians?
Since Banner is an integrated system, each area has assigned one individual to serve as the Data Custodian of departmental data. Data Custodians are responsible for deciding a user's level of Banner access for navigation and reporting purposes. The data custodians are as follows:

Student Records - Keisha Campbell (
Admissions - Shonda Gray (
Financial Aid - Tanya Wilkerson (
Billing and Receivables - Moni Tenabe (
Human Resources - Armada Grant (
Finance - Patrick O'Brien (
Housing - Christina Jones (

What is the procedure for obtaining access to Internet Native Banner (INB)?
Determine the specific Banner forms or data fields that you would need to view. Explain to your supervisor how access to these data pertains to your job function, particularly if you will be requesting "update" access. INB access will be granted on a "need to know" basis and, therefore, it is imperative that you specify the purpose of your desired access.  

1.      Request that your supervisor send a memorandum approved by your Vice President or Dean to the appropriate Data Custodian based on the fields that you wish to access. Once your request is approved by the Data Custodian, your request will be forwarded to the Administrative Computing department.  

2.      A representative from the Administrative Computing department will contact you via email once your account has been set up.

What are the Data Standards guidelines?
Data Standards guidelines provide recommendations for establishing measures for the protection, access, and use of Morgan State University data that is electronically maintained on the Banner system. The guidelines define the responsibilities of users who input and access that data. Divisions/departments may have individual guidelines that supplement, but do not replace or supersede these guidelines.

How do I access Internet Native Banner (INB)?
Log into Internet Native Banner (INB).

What training is available for Internet Native Banner (INB)?

Banner 9 Training Resources:

Video: Getting Started with Banner 9, Overview of User Interface & Keyboard Shortcuts 

PDF: Getting Started with your Banner 9 Administrative Applications 

You must have Banner access PRIOR to attending training sessions; you will need your INB username and password for training purposes.  

University INB Training Contacts:
Student Records - Records & Registration, ext. 3300
Academic Budget - Sharon Oliver-Whitehurst, ext. 4681
Finance & Procurement - Miracle Banks, ext. 1514
Budgets - Marvin Hicks, ext. 3122
Purchase Card - Elizabeth Ransom, ext. 4565

How do I access Banner data and reports?
For general Morgan State University institutional data, contact Cheryl Rollins in the Office of Institutional Research at or at extension 4429. For all other data and reporting needs, contact Steven Law ( or x-3408) or Gilbert Morgan ( or x-3125) in the Office of Information Technology.