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Open Enrollment Information

2020 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Period is
October 19-November 13, 2020

2020 Open Enrollment will completely be virtual for all employees. You rates, benefit guides and other enrollment information can be found on the State of Maryland Employee Benefits web page. Please review this information to review the 2021 Plan year changes.

Effective September 2020, the State of Maryland has provided a security layer to SPS Workday that involves an additional authentication (personal identifier) method to signing onto Workday. You will set this up one time, and moving forward, when you log in to Workday, you will be asked to identify yourself using the method your select. We recommend that you do this before open enrollment begins. You cannot log into Workday if this authentication method is not established. Review the Workday Page for more information.

If you have Benefits now and do not want to change anything for 2021, AND you do not want to participate in Flexible Spending Accounts, you do not have to submit an Open Enrollment event. Your current Benefits will carry over to the new place year on January 1, 2021.

If you are currently enrolled in a Flexible Spending or Dependent Account, you MUST re-enroll during open enrollment. These amounts are based on the taxable/calendar year. Therefore, what you have elected in 2020 will not automatically roll over to the 2021 plan year. If you currently are not enrolled in any Flexible Spending or Dependent Account, you can enroll during the open enrollment period. (Note, your election will become effective on 01/01/2021).

If you will be adding a new dependent during Open Enrollment for January 1, 2010 coverage, please review this link for the documents that will be required with your Open Enrollment event submission.

  • Remember, You MUST SUBMIT the required supporting documentation for ALL NEWLY ADDED or RE-ENROLLED DEPENDENTS. If you do not attach the required documentation the dependent will be removed from coverage and will be ineligible to enroll until the next qualifying life event or Open Enrollment.
  • "NEWLY ADDED DEPENDENTS" are dependents that you have NEVER covered before
  • "RE-ENROLLED DEPENDENTS" are dependents that had been covered at one time in the past, but had a break in coverage during 2020, current plan year.

Complete any current LIFE EVENTS (marriage, birth, hire, etc.) that you have open currently-these are event that you have started and are still in progress within the last 60-days. If you have had a recent Benefits event and do not know the status, you should:

  • Make sure to have submitted the Life Event and there are no benefit events pending in your Workday Inbox.
  • You will need to complete your new Open Enrollment event for the 2020 plan year, then you will complete a new Open Enrollment event for the 2021 Plan Year. You will not be able to complete the Open Enrollment event until you complete the "Life Event".

If you are currently enrolled in the State of Maryland Employee Leave Bank program, Open Enrollment is the time to review your status. Employees are enrolled in the Leave Bank Program for a 2-year period. It is the employee's responsibility to monitor their enrollment to re-enroll. If your enrollment is near expiration (two-year period), and you wish to re-enroll, you can ONLY do this during the Open Enrollment Period. If you have never been active in the Leave Bank Program and would like to enroll, you can ONLY do so during the Open Enrollment period. Please email for enrollment forms and assistance.