Director's Message

17 June 2016

Dear Members of the Clara I. Adams Honors College:

If you are reading this now, I hope that you are enjoying your Summer Recess.

Many of you are now engaged in unique learning and/or employment opportunities, travel, or reconnecting with family and friends.

Thus, it may seem strange or perhaps a bit intrusive to hear from me today.  This is the first of what will be regular messages from me on the state of the Honors College and topics that are of interest to all of you.  

It should not surprise you to learn that summer notwithstanding, we in the Honors College are working hard to enhance your Honors experience at Morgan.

One of the major improvements that you will see in Fall 2016 will be the long-awaited arrival of a Coordinator of Honors Student Services.  In addition to being the point of contact between the Honors student body and the College's administrative apparatus, the Coordinator will also provide guidance to the student honor societies under the auspices of the Honors College.

Other improvements are also underway: an expanded calendar of extracurricular activities, new ways to strengthen Honors student community across Schools and disciplines, streamlined administrative procedures, and much more.

As the Clara I. Adams Honors College enters its second year, we will rely more than ever before upon your feedback.  Remember that you are the single most important element in the success of your Honors experience at Morgan.  Show your fellow Honors students that you care - and DARE to help the Honors College reach its potential.

See you in the Fall!

Best Regards,

Dr. Darryl L. Peterkin