Master of Arts (M.A.) in History

The Masters of Arts in History is designed for students who plan to teach in middle schools, high schools, or community colleges; for students who plan careers in public service, public policy and foreign affairs, public history; and for students who contemplate pursuing further scholarly activities. It is a useful adjunct for persons with careers in theology and law; in library science; in journalism and news management; and in government, business and industry, and administration.

ADMISSION: For unconditional admission, applicants must have: (1) a minimum of 24 semester hours of undergraduate history courses; and (2) earned not less than 3.0 in history. For conditional admission, applicants must have earned not less than an undergraduate scholastic average of 2.5 in history.

Department Requirements =  30 credit hours, 24 of which must be in History:

  • 3 hours: 598 (Historiography & Historical Methods)
  • 3 hours: Supervised Research, or a seminar course in history
  • 3 hours: 799 (Thesis Seminar)
  • 21 hours: history electives (6 hours may be taken in other disciplines, subject to advisor's approval)
  • Pass a written comprehensive examination
  • Submit an acceptably written thesis