Student Exchange

The Student Exchange Account is administered to provide payments from International Student Wire Transfers and provide banking services to Student Organizations not funded by the Student Government Association (SGA).  This function is located in the Montebello Complex, A-Wing-Room 216. See the following information for a brief description on Student Exchange Account disbursements. 

Types of Student Exchange disbursements:

  • International Student Wires - Funds have been wired to the University's, Student Exchange bank account from an International Bank normally initiated by a parent or sponsor.  For the student to access the funds, the student is to provide documented proof of the wire transfer, his or her invoice statement, and must present his or her MSU Bear Card (preferred) or a State Issued ID for identification purposes. The Student Exchange section of the Comptroller's Office will work with the student to disburse the wired funds.


  • Student Organization Disbursement- Groups or clubs that are affiliated with the MSU Student Government Association (SGA) but do not receive SGA funds, typically raise money through various activities to financially support their group or club. These organizations can “bank” funds and pay expenses associated with their group or club through the University’s Student Exchange Account.  For more information on this process including depositing funds, receiving disbursements and establishing a Student Exchange account click on the Student Organization Receipting and Payment Process link below.


Student Organization and Exchange Banking  Process