Payment Reimbursement and Check/ Payment Requests

The General Accounting staff assists with processing and encumbering the following form requests into Banner Finance:  

·        Expense Reimbursements for In-State / Out-of-State Travel

·        Working Fund / Student Exchange Check Requests

·        Petty Cash Reimbursements

·        Student Group/ Organization  Payment Requests 

·        Reimbursements for Non-Travel Related Expenses                                

Once the completed and signed form is forwarded to the Comptroller's Office, the General Accounting staff processes the request. Please note that forms including Working Fund Disbursements, Student Group/ Organization Disbursements and Reimbursements for Non-Travel Related Expenses are to be submitted in a timely manner; preferably 30 days in advance to have payments available by the preferred or requested due date.  Please remember that all checks are now distributed by the Bursar's Office, Cashiering section and to verify check availability visit

Working Fund / Student Exchange check requests are granted in cases where a purchase order number or department’s PCARD are not acceptable forms of payment and are based upon fund availability.   To avoid last minute requests, please verify whether the vendor will or will not accept a purchase order number or the department’s PCARD for the expenditure. If you are requesting funds for a student group/ organization expenditure, verify your balance prior to making the request to ensure fund availability.  Reimbursements for non-travel related expenses must follow the University's guideline on expenditures on behalf of Morgan State University.  

To access forms and form infomation currently available online, click on the highlighted options above.