Administrative Employees


Annual Leave

  • Full-time exempt executive and administrative staff employees are eligible to earn 22 days per year at a rate of 6.77 hours per pay period.  Beginning with the 21st year of employment, annual leave is earned at the reate of 25 days per calender year at a rate of 7.69 hours per pay period. Annual leave is pro-rated for part-time employees.

Holiday Leave

  • Employees are eligible for up to 11 holidays per calendar year. Employees earn additional leave for general or congressional elections and special holidays declared by the Governor.

Sick Leave

  • Regular employees are eligible to earn up to 15 days of sick leave per year.  Sick leave may be accumulated without limit.  If the employee is a member of the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System, accrued sick leave is credited to the employee’s service time at retirement.  

Personal Leave

  • In each calendar year, a full-time regular employee is entitled to three (3) days of personal leave and a part-time employee is entitled to the percentage of three (3) days of personal leave equal to the percentage the part-time position is funded or the incumbent is employed.

Other Types of Leave:

  • There are other types of paid leave available, such as: administrative leave, bereavement, compensatory, accident, and emergency release which can be used by the employee.
  • Paid leave is also granted for the following: military service for up to 15 work days per year; jury duty; summoned court appearances, as long as the employee is not a party to the action nor a paid witness; and up to four hours for exams and interviews within the State Personnel Management System.