2015-2025 Master Plan

Facilities Planning

The University is currently in the process of finalizing its 10 Year Facility Master Plan (FMP). The Master Plan is a requirement of the State used to guide the long-term physical development of the University. The planning and development of the Master Plan involved a four-phase process of which three phases have been completed. The University is currently in Phase IV of the Master Planning effort.

Overview of Master Plan Phases:

Phase I: Orientation, Inventory and Assessment including data collection and analysis; meetings with internal & external stakeholders; determination of Program needs.
Phase II: Concept Development involving the development of alternatives and selection of preferred Program options to meet university needs.
Phase III: Master Plan Development involving the finalization of program location/ building sites, and the development of detailed plans regarding circulation, including changes to parking, vehicular access, bicycle and pedestrian circulation.
Phase IV: Development of final report. View draft Facilities Master Plan Presentation here.

In conjunction with the Master Plan the University has developed a Bicycle Master Plan (BMP). This plan provides guidance for circulation patterns in and around the campus, policies to support bicycling, and programs that support and encourage people who are interesting in biking for health, recreation and transportation. A copy of the Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) can be found here

Questions relating to the Master Plan should be emailed to: MSUmasterplan@morgan.edu, subject line: MSU Master Plan 2015-2025