Sheltering In Place - Non Active Shooter (Criminal Activity)

Sheltering in place, commonly known as "Lock Down" means that individuals must seek immediate shelter in buildings or residence halls and remain there until emergency management officials issue additional instructions or declare that emergency conditions have ended.  It is understood that during a Shelter in Place not all doors and buildings may be secured.  Notwithstanding, during emergencies that state to lock doors, lock the door in your immediate area if it is lockable  In the event of a criminal or violent act that has been committed at Morgan State University or in the adjacent areas near the campus, it may become necessary to Shelter-In-Place within campus buildings. When notified by the Morgan State University Police Department to Shelter-In-Place due to criminal activity, these procedures will be followed:

  1. All students, faculty, staff and visitors will immediately seek shelter in the nearest room with a door (locking door if available). Faculty and Staff, if safe to do so, are requested to provide direction and assistance to students and visitors by directing them to a location where they may seek shelter.
  2. Close and lock all windows and doors. If door has no lock, barricade with available items (desks, chairs, bookshelves etc.).
  3. If possible, cover all interior windows and door windows.
  4. Stay away from all doors and windows, move to interior walls and try to remain out of sight of potential threats
  5. Turn off all lights.
  6. Remain quiet.
  7. Do not leave until instructed by law enforcement personnel.
  8. Cooperate with law enforcement personnel; show them that you are not a threat by keeping your hands empty and visible when interacting with them. If possible, "buddy up" with someone you know; this assists law enforcement personnel when they are searching the area.
  9. Monitor cell phones registered to receive emergency alert text messages; monitor campus computer for Net Notify emergency messages.
  10. Report suspicious persons or activities to MSUPD - (443)-885-3103 or ext. 3103
  11. If you are in an open area such as a dining area, seek concealment behind a solid object such as a door, file cabinet or counter area. Remain quiet and wait for law enforcement to arrive and assist you.
  12. If outdoors, follow emergency alert messages or directions from law enforcement personnel; stay away from the affected area.