Infrastructure Failures

Infrastructure failure can involve:

  • Utilities;
  • Elevators;
  • Fire detection and suppression systems;
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; or
  • Steam lines.

To report infrastructure failures call:
Work Control, Ext. 3320, M – F during operational hours.

Electrical Failures

  • Turn off equipment to reduce the potential for damage caused by power surges.
  • Evacuate laboratories because of the inability to operate fume hoods.

Plumbing Failures / Pipe Ruptures

  • Buildings will need to be evacuated if water or sewage systems cannot be restored within a reasonable time.
  • Turn off electrical equipment to minimize the potential for electrocutions and equipment damage.

Natural Gas Leaks

  • Open windows, if possible, to increase ventilation and let gas escape.
  • Turn off all possible ignition sources.
  • Do not turn on lights or any electrical equipment.
  • Do not use the phone for any other reasons
  • Activate building alarms if you believe there is potential danger to building occupants.
  • Do not start vehicles within areas of gas leaks.

Elevator Failures

  • Persons trapped in elevators should use emergency telephones in elevators to call the University Police.
  • Do not attempt to crawl through escape hatches or force elevator doors open. Only trained mechanics, elevator technicians, and fire/rescue personnel are permitted to conduct elevator rescues.

Fire Detection and Suppression System Impairments
Report all impairments of fire detection and suppression systems to the University Police.

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Condition (HVAC) System Problems

  • Strange odors or minor smoke odors coming from HVAC systems should be reported to Work Control for initial investigations.
  • Report large amounts of smoke coming from HVAC systems immediately to the University Police.

Steam Line Failures
Individuals must be evacuated from the area of steam line failures in order to protect them from steam burns.