Fire Emergencies

University buildings will be immediately and totally evacuated whenever building fire alarms are sounding.

If you see or suspect a fire, remain calm and activate fire alarms.

Report fires by phone from safe places outside buildings.

  1. Call 911 from any on-campus, off-campus, or cell phone. At the Emergency Blue Light and yellow phones located around campus, press the emergency button to be connected to the University Police who can contact 911 for you, or dial 911 on the keypad to be connected directly to the 911 Call Center.
  2. Notify MSUPD - (443)885-3103 or ext. 3103
  3. Give as much specific information as possible when emergency operators answer. Operators need to be told calls are for Morgan State University, what is burning - if known, the proper name, floor, and room number or other specific location information. Do not hang up unless it is unsafe or calls are released by emergency operators.
  4. Report all fires, even if extinguished or found subsequent to being extinguished.
  5. Report all fire alarms, even if they are suspected to be false or accidental.

If safe to do so, shut off all machinery and equipment in work areas.

Evacuate. Do not attempt to fight fires. Close doors and windows if time permits. Leave buildings at once using nearest exits or stairways. Do not use elevators. Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire. Use the backs of your hands to feel doors and doorknobs before opening doors. Do not open if the door or doorknob feels hot.

Crawl if there is smoke.

Use secondary exits if primary exits are blocked.

If you are trapped:

  1. Stuff the cracks around doors with towels, lab coats, throw rugs, etc. to keep out as much heat and smoke as possible.
  2. Go to window and if there is no smoke or flames outside, open windows at the top. Signal for help by hanging a flag, (i.e., sheet, jacket, etc.), out of the windows.
  3. Use available telephones to notify (443)-885-3103 or ext. 3103 and let them know your exact location.
  4. Do not attempt to jump from multi-story buildings. 

Do not re-enter buildings for any reason until fire or police officials say it is safe to do so.

Render reasonable assistance to disabled persons. (See Evacuation Procedures - Disabled Individuals)

Gather at pre-designated assembly areas.

Take roll and report missing or unaccounted for individuals to emergency responders.

Faculty and Staff are not expected to remain inside buildings to inspect and move people to exits, however, it is requested that Faculty and Staff once safely outside, assist by moving people out of exits and away from the building so others can exit safely.