A-1  Policy of Faculty, Student and Institutional Rights and Responsibilities for Academic Integrity
A-5  AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) and Morgan State University MOU
A-6  University Guidelines Governing AIDS
A-7  Policies and Procedures on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure
B-1  Policy Granting Limited Benefits to Full-time Contractual Workers
C-1  Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
C-4  Classified Employees Manual Appeals of Classified Employee Personnel Actions
C-6  Appeal from a Rejection of a Classified Employee During Probation
C-7  Policy and Procedures on Outside Consultancy
C-8  Collective Bargaining Definitions

C-9  Conversion of Contractual Non-Exempt Staff Positions to Regular Staff Positions
D-3  Policy on Department Chair Appointments and Stipends
D-4  Disciplinary Suspension, Appeal of, Written Decision
D-7  Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
E-1  Policy Prohibiting Employment
E-2  Educational Leave Policy
F-3   One Year Faculty Appointment Contract (Probationary)
F-4   Three Year Faculty Appointment Contract
F-5   Policy on Conflict of Interest for Faculty Interest in Sponsored Research and Economic Development
F-6   Uniform University-Wide Procedure for Faculty Evaluation
F-7   Faculty Grievance Procedure
F-8   Faculty Leave Accounting
F-9   Policy on Professional Commitment of Faculty
I-2    Involuntary Demotion of a Classified Employee, Appeal Procedures for
N-2  Nepotism
N-3  Policy on Nondiscrimination
P-2  Personnel Manual for Executive and Professional Administrative Staff
R-2  Procedure for Reporting Reduced Faculty Teaching Loads
R-4  Rejection of a Classified Employee During Probation, Appeal from
R-5  Rejection of a Classified Employee During Probation that Results from a Promotion, Appeal from a
R-6  Removal of a Non-probationary Classified Employee, Appeal Procedure for
R-10  MSU Special Retirement Incentive Program
S-1  Sabbatical Leave Policy
S-2  Gender and Sexual-Based Harassment and Violence Policy
S-4  Sick Leave Policy (See Holiday, Annual Leave and Extended and Advance Sick Leave at L-2)
S-6  Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus Policy
S-7  Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
S-8  Student Government Association (SGA) Constitution
S-9  Proposal for Study Tours
S-10  Policy on Substance Abuse
S-11  Morgan State University Supplemental 401(a) Matching Plan and Trust
S-12  Morgan State University Supplemental 403b Retirement Plan
T-1  Policy on Teaching Outside the Home Institution by Full-time Faculty
T-2  Telework Policy
T-3 Terminal Leave Plan
T-4  Policy and Procedures for Termination of a Faculty Member for Cause
T-9  Policy on Tuition Waiver
Temporary Assignments & Acting/Interim Appointments
U-1  University Council Constitution/By-Laws