Employment Procedures - Regular Employee


  1. The hiring department will complete the Recruitment Requisition Form. Upon completion, the Recruitment Requisition Form is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources with a completed Position Description Form (HR06) and any additional information that would be helpful in recruiting for the position.
  2. Human Resources will post the position via the Internet and appropriate bulletin boards, with various State agencies, local colleges and universities, and as requested for a minimum of fourteen (14) days. Public advertising will be done upon the request of the hiring department with the appropriate funds.
  3. Human Resources will screen for minimum qualifications and send referrals to the hiring department. The hiring department will interview a minimum of five applicants, if such a pool is available.
  4. When interviewing is completed, the hiring department will complete the Appointment Notification Form. The Appointment Notification Form indicates the outcome of the interviews, identifying the selected candidate.
  5. The hiring department will submit the Appointment Notification Form to the Office of Human Resources. Human Resources will prepare the appointment letter. Administrative letters are prepared for the President's signature and classified employment letters are prepared for signature by the Director of Human Resources.
  6. No commitment of employment, direct or implied, should be made until Human Resources has approved the Appointment Notification Form. It is the responsibility of the appropriate party at each step of the approval process to expedite the matter in order that desired candidates are not lost through unnecessary delay.
  7. The approval of an Appointment Notification Form applies only to the applicant(s) selected. If the offer is refused, a new Appointment Notification Form must be initiated and signatories must be obtained for the next candidate.
  8. Once the appointment letter has been signed by either the President or the Director of Human Resources, the applicant is notified of the approved effective date and salary. The Office of Human Resources will mail the appointment letter to the candidate.
  9. Upon receipt of the signed appointment letter the candidate will be notified of the date for orientation and the completion of employment forms.


Note to all: If the above conditions have not been met, the Office of Human Resources may recommend to the designated Vice President that the appointment be withheld. Such recommendation shall be reinforced by specific documentation to illustrate the search is not in compliance with the University's staff search procedures.