Inclement Weather Procedures

This memorandum is distributed to provide guidance in the event of severe inclement weather. In the event there is a need to close or delay the opening of the University, employees, students, and the community at large will be informed via the local television and radio stations as well as the Internet and the campus telephone message center in the following order:

  1. The University switchboard at the main telephone number 443.885.3333 which relays messages regarding openings and closings, is the one official and the most authentic medium.

  2. The University’s Radio Station WEAA-88.9 (FM) will announce delayed openings and early closings on a continuous basis.

  3. The University’s Home WebPage ( will provide a link to access information of this nature.

  4. The Local TV and Radio Stations, to include WTOP which serves the DC Metro area.

In some instances, the University will remain open, but employees will be given the option of using Liberal Leave. “Liberal Leave” means that the employee may inform his or her supervisor that he or she will be using accumulated annual, personal or compensatory leave for the particular day. However, “Liberal Leave” applies only to employees who have not been designated as “Essential.” “Essential” employees are required to work during any official closings. Employees who are not sure of their status should contact their supervisor.

When the University is opening on time, local TV and Radio Stations will not make this announcement. However, this information will be made available via the switchboard on 443.885.3333 or by listening to Morgan’s radio station WEAA 88.9 FM.

Please note that Morgan State University has an independent Personnel System and as such instructions or information that refers to Maryland State Employees DOES NOT apply to MSU employees.

We will attempt to make decisions for closings or delays as early as possible. Please call your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources on extension 3195 if you have any questions regarding this correspondence.

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