Employment Procedures - Contractual Employee


  1. All Full-time contractual positions must be  advertised by the Office of Human Resources.
  2. The hiring department will complete the Recruitment Requisition Form. Upon completion, the Recruitment Requisition Form is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources with a completed Position Description Form (HR06) and any additional information that would be helpful in recruiting for the position.
  3. Human Resources will post the position via the Internet and appropriate bulletin boards, with various State agencies, local colleges and universities, and as requested. Public advertising will be done upon the request of the hiring department with the appropriate funds.
  4. Human Resources will screen for minimum qualifications and send referrals to the hiring department. The hiring department will interview a minimum of five applicants, if such a pool is available.
  5. When interviewing is completed, the hiring department will complete the Appointment Notification Form. The Appointment Notification Form indicates the outcome of the interviews, identifying the selected candidate.
  6. No commitment of employment, direct or implied, should be made until Human Resources has approved the Appointment Notification Form. It is the responsibility of the appropriate party at each step of the approval process to expedite the matter in order that desired candidates are not lost through unnecessary delay.
  7. The approval of an Appointment Notification Form applies only to the applicant(s) selected. If the offer is refused, a new Appointment Notification Form must be initiated and signatories must be obtained for the next candidate.
  8. The department must fill out the appropriate forms (PF10, 311 and Job description), and submit them, with authorized signatures, to the Office of Human Resources TEN DAYS before the effective date of the contract.
  9. If the position is clerical, the hiring department must call Human Resources to set up a clerical evaluation to determine if the candidates meet the minimum qualifications.
  10. Once the paperwork has been received in Human Resources from the Comptroller's Office and the information is reviewed for appropriate salary and completeness, the contract is prepared and Human Resources will call the hiring department to advise them that the contract is ready to be signed. The employee will at the time of signing the contract complete a tax deduction form (W4, I-9, Demographic, Software Code of Ethics, Substance Abuse Policy, Bear Necessities ID card and MD New Hire forms.)
  11. Once the contract has been signed, the 311, PF10 and the signed contract are sent to the Vice President for Finance and Management for approval and signature.
  12. Once the Vice President has signed the contract, the paperwork is sent back to Human Resources. At that time, a copy of the contract is sent to MSU's payroll and the remaining forms are forwarded to Central Payroll for processing. (It takes approximately 4 weeks to process the forms through Central Payroll and place the individual on payroll.)
  13. At the end of each pay period, a signed timesheet or certification must be submitted to payroll to ensure proper payment for hours worked.