Make It Official

What you will need:

1. Morgan ID number (found on your acceptance letter)

2. Morgan email address  (also found on your acceptance letter)

3. Payment method (credit card, check or money order)

How to confirm:

1. Complete the confirmation form

2. Log in to your student account

User name: Your user name is the first part of your Morgan email with the

Password: Your password is initially set to first letter of your first name capitalized, first letter of your last name lowercase, and SID [ex. Rw00108989]

3. Pay your non-refundable $150 tuition deposit.


Credit Card payment: Go to: WebSIS page --> log in -->  Student --> PayNow --> Pay Online Now button --> Make a Payment --> Enter $150 for the payment amount --> Enter 'Confirmation' in the memo box --> Enter payment information --> Submit

Check or money order: Mail check or money order to Undergraduate Admissions 1700 E. Coldspring Lane Baltimore, MD 21251. Please include student name and ID number with the payment.