Eligibility Requirements for Veteran Student Association

The requirement for Veteran Students on campus to hold officer positions are as follows:

  • Student with military status
  • Child or dependent of a veteran
  • Active ROTC student
  • Current student in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.7 or higher.

Veteran Student Association Policies: 

  • The term of the office is one school year 
  • Association members must attend monthly membership meetings and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Minimum of 50 community service hours per academic school year

The election of officers will take place at the second general meeting of the Spring semester of each academic school year. Officers will be elected by majority vote of the members at the meeting. The term of office lasts for one academic school year. 

Note: You do not have to be a student of military status to join the association.  All students are welcome.

The positions that a student veteran can hold as part of this association are as follows:

Officer Positions:

The President presides at all meetings, appoints committee chairpersons, governs all association's business ventures, events and activities, as well as serves as liaison to the Student Life Office of Student Activities.

The Vice-President assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence. This individual represents the association at the SGA Council meetings. The Vice President will also oversee that any directives put forth by the President are adhered to. He or she will also ensure that the remaining officers and association members meet and follow the VSA Constitution and its amendments.

The Secretary takes minutes at all meetings, prepares agendas, keeps a ledger of all members (regular and associate) consisting of names, contact numbers, and current addresses. Maintains all association records and correspondence related to business transactions to include, venue areas, supply receipts and written and electronic letters, memos and point of contact information for sponsors and partnering organizations.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions coming in and out of the association's  account. Accepts dues from members and requests funds via Advisor for transactions related to events, programs and services acquired. Maintains and submits a monthly financial reconciliation report of all activities performed. Ensures to follow all university financial policies and procedures.

Events Coordinator is responsible for planning and implementation of all events proposed by the association officers and members. Maintains points of contacts for venue service providers. Seeks venue spaces and negotiates dates, times and contact details. Confirms association agreements and works closely with Treasurer on fund requests and deposits via the Advisor for all business transactions.

Social Media/Marketing Representative is responsible for the implementation, and maintenance of updating all social media sites relevant to the association. The SMMR provides photography services for all events. Creates and maintains flyers, campaign materials and any marketing materials such as give-a-ways with the assistant of the Vice President and President when applicable.

Member Positions:

Regular Member - Provides the committee with information and support. Helps to facilitate projects, events, and activities relative to the needs of the veteran student population.

Membership Fees are:$5 per academic semester, $10 per academic school year.

Associate Member - Any person who has NOT paid a student membership fee, and who does not fall under the military status or affiliation guidelines. Special fees are mandatory for Associate Members in certain organizational activities to include 1/2 admission or participation charges based on the regular event or admission overhead charge for activities sponsored by the Veteran Student Association (VSA).

Association Meetings:

The VSA Executive Board will meet every 1st Thursday of each calendar month (August-May), The VSA Advisory Council will meet every 2nd Thursday of each calendar month (August-May), and will hold a general membership meeting every 4th Thursday of each calendar month (August-May) with additional meetings as deemed necessary.