VA Certifying Officials Page

The Veterans Engagement (VE) team is the main information source for all student veterans, their spouses or dependents, and survivors who choose to come to Morgan State University.

The VE office provides student support services internally and externally while providing a veteran-friendly atmosphere, where we understand the challenges associated with the Soldier, Sailor, Marine, National Guard or Air guard/person and their family members needs in going back to school. 

The Veterans Engagement team consists of (7) seven student veteran workers and the Office Supervisor III/VA School Certifying Official.

The VA School Certifying Official (SCO) for Morgan State is Ms. Shirleene Prioleau. Ms. Prioleau is responsible for certifying benefits, while maintaining compliance for all student veterans that attend Morgan State University, and are using eligible VA Educational Benefits or Transferor Benefits under the Department of Veteran Affairs. The SCO also tracks and maintains documents for veteran students who are using Federal Financial Aid, DoD benefits, State Tuition Waiver, Federal Tuition Assistance or Veterans Scholarships. To get in contact with Ms. Prioleau you can send an email to: 

The Veterans Engagement team also provides assistance with: 

  • Morgan State University application process
  • Department of Veterans Affairs application process and educational benefit information
  • Additional funding such as FAFSA, scholarships, and grant information
  • The enrollment and matriculation process
  • Academic advisement and billing procedures
  • Job Placement referrals 
  • Access to our on-campus Veterans Center
  • Access to our on-campus and off-campus veterans programs and services
  • Veterans Work-Study Program process
  • and a host of other resources and services

The Veterans Engagement team's contact information is as follow:

Montebello Complex C-203

2201 Argonne Drive

Baltimore, MD 21251

(443) 885-3042 or (443) 885-2046

To apply for eligibility determination for VA Educational Benefits (click here)    

To request a Veteran Engagement Information Packet (click here)

We are here for you!