Baltimore Student Exchange Program (BSEP)

The Baltimore Student Exchange (BSEP) Program allows qualified undergraduate students the opportunity to take undergraduate courses offered at other participating institutions during fall and spring semesters. At the end of the semester, the student's credits and grades from the host institution are submitted to Morgan State University and treated as resident credit. BSEP is open to full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors registered on a full-time basis at the student's home institution provided the request is approved by the home institution BSEP coordinator.

BSEP courses are only available during the fall and spring semesters. Students participating in the program must be full-time (12 credits) to participate in the BSEP Program. Part-time students may not participate. At Morgan State University, the BSEP course may be used to reach full-time status. Make sure the approved BSEP course will not take you over your credit limit.

BSEP registration forms will be accepted through the end of the add/drop period of the host institution. Confirmation depends on the academic calendar and registration period in place at the host institution.

All participating institutions publish their course selections online.

Community College of Baltimore County

Goucher College

Johns Hopkins University

Loyola College

Maryland Institute College of Art

Notre Dame of Maryland University

Stevenson University

Towson University

University of Baltimore

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Morgan State University students do not pay additional tuition for BSEP courses; however, they are responsible for lab fees, parking fees, and library fines. Most schools will not release grades if there is an outstanding balance. Any exceptional charges must be paid directly to the host institution.

  • BSEP courses may not be taken pass/no pass, as an audit, or independent work.
  • BSEP courses are treated as regular Morgan State University courses on the transcript. Credits will be calculated into the GPA.
  • Students driving to a host institution are responsible for obtaining a parking pass for that institution.
  • Some schools are accessible by the Collegetown shuttle at as well as through the MTA bus and rail.
  • Students need to take travel time into account when including a BSEP course in their schedule. Course time conflicts cannot be accommodated.
  • Registration policy for students participating in BSEP is determined by the host institution.
  • Students are subject to the academic regulation of the host institution. Participating students are requested to acquaint themselves with both the academic and non-academic regulations of the host institution. These may include but are not limited to class attendance - absence, deadlines for grading options, withdrawal deadlines, academic honor code, and final examination dates.
  • Students who violate host institution academic policy regarding cheating and plagiarism are subject to the host institution's disciplinary procedures. The BSEP coordinator will notify the home institution of any incident, action taken, or appeal procedures. Further action is left to the discretion of the home institution (Morgan).
  • Students charged with a violation of a host institution's code of conduct are subject to the host institution's disciplinary policies and procedures.

Submit your BSEP registration form to the BSEP coordinator in the Office of the Registrar, located in Montebello Complex Room A 117. Please type your information into the form before downloading and printing it. The form should be signed by your academic advisor, and if special permission is required, the host institution instructor.

BSEP Registration Form 


Contact the Morgan State University BSEP Coordinator via email at with a cc to

Note: BSEP drops and withdraws follow the academic calendar of the host institution only. Specify this is a BSEP course. Morgan will notify the host institution of your class drop or withdrawal.

For additional information, contact the Baltimore Student Exchange Program Coordinator at or email the Office of the Registrar at