Frequently Asked Questions

The following links have been provided to assist prospective and current students with all the possible questions that they may have regarding The Office of the Registrar. Each question is categorized by the relevant subject in which the questions pertain to.

The questions include the following:


  • Q. How do I know if I am a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior?
    • A:  All matriculating undergraduate students will be classified as follows: Freshman 0-24 earned credits; Sophomore 25-55 earned credits; Junior 56-89 earned credits; Senior 90 earned credits and above.
  • Q: How do I get a letter from the university that I never attended?
    • A:  Please request an Enrollment Verification. On the form in the student status section, select "Did Not Attend".
  • Q:  Can my parent(s) or others see or discuss my Academic Records?
    • A:   FERPA is the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act which protects the privacy of student records. FERPA provides students with certain rights with respect to their educational records if they are 18 and older. To find out more information from the US Department of Education about the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, please click here. For more information on how to allow certain accesses using Canvas ESP, please click here. To grant access to a third-party in the university's system, please review the instructions. When you are ready to begin, click here


  • Q:  How do I apply for graduation?
    • A:  Students who meet the minimum earned credits threshold will automatically have the "Apply to Graduation" link available in their WebSIS student records tab. Students must apply for graduation by the posted deadline on the Academic Calendar for the semester in which they want to graduate. (NOTECompleting the online graduation application in no way implies that a student is eligible for graduation, or that the student will have completed all requirements to graduate by the end of the semester for which the application is being made. Students are strongly advised to get a degree audit as soon as possible by the academic department to ensure that they are aware of what outstanding requirements are necessary to fulfill their academic graduation requirements.)
  • Q: How do I get more information regarding commencement?
    • A:  Our office handles academic clearance only. Please visit for all information regarding commencement, including regalia, ceremonies, photographs, rehearsal, etc.
  • Q:  What are the requirements to graduate with Latin honors?
    • A:  In order to be considered for graduation with honors, a candidate must have completed all the requirements for the degree; must have earned a minimum of sixty (60) semester credits at Morgan; and must not have been sanctioned by the student's Dean or by the Provost for violating the University's Policy on Academic Dishonesty. GPA Averages are: Summa Cum Laude-(With Highest Honor) 3.80-4.00; Magna Cum Laude-(With High Honor) 3.60-3.79; Cum Laude-(With Honor) 3.40-3.59
  • Q:  I have lost or damaged my diploma. Can I get it replaced?
    • A:   To place your request, please use our third-party vendor, ParchmentDuplicate diplomas are ordered once on the 3rd Friday of every month through our 3rd party vendor, unless expedited processing is requested. Once received, we will mail or hold your diploma for 90 days depending on your selection. Diplomas held for more than 90 days will be destroyed and a duplicate diploma must be reordered. Replacement diplomas carry all information contained on the original, except that all signatories will be current administrators.


  • Q:  What is my student ID number?
    • A:  You can find your 8-digit student ID number on: a letter of acceptance; an official transcript; a bill; or in Websis. For security reasons, our office does not provide the student ID number under any circumstance.
  • Q:  How do I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?
    • A: Currently active students can log into Websis under the Student Records menu. An option to print is in the top-right corner. To save as a PDF, change your printer settings once the print window populates. If you are not currently an active student, you do not have access to an unofficial transcript. You may request an official transcript here.
  • Q:  How do I update my residency status?
    • A:  Please review the information below based on your current student status:
      • Newly admitted undergraduate student, you must submit an updated residency verification form. You are welcome to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more information about this process or to check the status of a form you have already submitted. They can be reached at Please note, new first-time students are not eligible to complete a residency reclassification petition in their first semester. 
      • Newly admitted graduate student, you are welcome to contact the graduate admissions office to see if there is any possibility to update your residency status for this semester. They can be reached at Please note, new first-time students are not eligible to complete a residency reclassification petition in their first semester. If you have completed an undergraduate program at Morgan and are a new graduate student, this also applies to you.
      • Returning student, that has attended Morgan in a previous semester, you can complete the Residency Reclassification Petition. The completed packet and supporting documents can only be submitted via certified mail (with the green return postcard).
  • Q:  How do I submit my official transcript(s)?
    • A:  The best method is an E-transcript sent directly from the school/university to You may also have it mailed to:

Office of the Registrar

Morgan State University

1700 East Cold Spring Lane

Baltimore, MD 21251

  • Q:  I submitted my official transcript, but I do not see the credits reflected on my record. What should I do?
    • A: In most cases, transfer-evaluations can take up to 10 business days once received by our office. (NOTE: Transfer students' official transcripts are not evaluated until orientation has been completed.) You will receive an email notification once your evaluation is completed. If it has been more than 10 business days, please email


  • Q:  I received an error message when trying to register for a course. What should I do?
  • Q:  I have a hold on my account. How do I resolve this?
    • A:  You can view all active holds in your WEBSIS account by going to the “Student” tab, then select “Student Records” and “View Holds”. The type of hold is located on the left. Please contact the appropriate department to resolve the hold. 
Admissions Office First-Year Freshman
Accounts Receivable Graduation Applicant
Academic Suspension Graduate School
Advisor  Varies (use Starfish) Housing
Bursar International
CASA Judicial
Collections Account Registrar
Expelled from University Transfer Orientation
Exit Interview Transfer Student Programming
Financial Aid

  • Q:  Where do I find the schedule of courses?
    • A:  If you are a current student, log into Websis. Under the Registration menu click "Look up Courses". If you are not a current student, please click here.
  • Q:  How do I fix an issue with Canvas?
    • A:  Canvas is a learning management system, and does not impact registration or student records. Only courses reflected in Websis impact student registration and records. Students are able to check actual enrollment information on their own in WEBSIS by going to "REGISTRATION" then selecting "ACTIVE REGISTRATION". For more assistance regarding Canvas, please visit the Division of Technology's Canvas help page for students.
  • Q:  How do I find my priority registration time?
    • A:   You can find your priority registration appointment time on the Office of the Registrar's main webpage and selecting the Priority Registration Groupings link under the "Additional Links" section.