Morgan is not only "military friendly" (meaning we actively seek out and encourage Veterans to apply), but we also want to build our reputation as a place where Veterans, and their academic and social needs are taken care of.  As part of our on-going initiatives to provide a well rounded benefit for Veteran Students our future goals are to Develop a on-campus Veteran Club, create and environment of sensitivity and understanding of veterans needs, publicize veterans resources, and develop a central on-campus work-study office. 

For more information, please feel free to contact our Veteran Affairs Coordinator and Certifying Official, Shirleene Prioleau at 443.885.3042, or via email to


Veteran  Shopping Sheet

The Veteran Shopping Sheet is a consumer tool that students and parents use to make comparisons of Costs and Aid offers from different institutions. Using a basic format, the sheet presents information about your available financial aid, net costs, and how much you should expect to pay out-of-pocket. This information should be used to help you compare financial aid packages offered by different institutions. The shopping sheet generates figures that are estimates only and all tuition rates and fees are subject to change without notice. It is intended to help you compare aid offers from different schools based on your “Estimated Net Cost” after grants/scholarships. Please understand that the Shopping Sheet is not a bill.

At Morgan State University (MSU) the Office of Financial Aid will make available to all Veterans consumers information that’s reported on the Shopping Sheet as Direct Costs that a student will incur.

All Veterans are encouraged to view their 2017-2018 individual Shopping Sheets again after June 1st due to the costs being estimated. Please be mindful that if you are viewing your 2017-2018 shopping sheet prior to June 1st these amounts are an estimate based on prior year charges, until the final charges have been set. Therefore if today’s date is prior to June 1st the Office of Financial Aid has reported estimated Direct Costs on the Shopping sheet as follows:

2017-2018 Costs 

In - State Residents                            Out of State Residents

Tuition and Fees     $ 7,767                       Tuition and Fees         $17,833                     

Campus Housing     $ 6,436                      Campus Housing          $ 6,436

Meals (14 meals)   +$ 3,350                     Meals (14 meal)        +$ 3,350

Direct Costs            $17,553                                                     $ 27,619


A students Cost of Attendance (COA) total will always be much higher than a students Direct Cost to the institution because the COA consist of indirect cost items such as, personal allowance, travel expenses, books and supplies. Therefore, when students are making cost comparisons you will need to compare the Direct Costs reported on the Shopping Sheet from different institutions. 

After you are accepted, have identified yourself as a veteran/dependent, and Morgan State University has received the results of your FAFSA, you will have access to a personalized Shopping Sheet.
To view an example of the Veteran Shopping Sheet click here